Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Me - Me Tag.....!!

Thanks to Divz who tagged me without whose prompting I would never have ventured on such an adventure as writing about myself…

1. I cherish the company of friends who are casual and downright informal, the types who can barge into my kitchen and have what they want without asking me and who can chat with me for hours….

2. I’m an early bird and I could even go to bed at 7.30 pm. For any event, I have to reach before time and really hate those who come late……

3. I am too lazy for make-ups, but if there’s someone who can help me with it, I am prepared to sit for hours… My latest craze is my lipstick collection….

4. I just need simple things to get emotional……….

5. I like travelling, but I have to reach the destination in less than an hour, else its hell for the rest of the journey…. My dream destination is Australia……

6. Thanks to my hubby, I like posing for photos……..I have recently developed a taste for good photography as well…..

7. I am psychosomatic, but don’t call me a psycho….!!  Mom always used to call me a ‘complaint-box’….  I always wished my hubby was a physiotherapist instead….

8. Many a people have said that I have a lovely smile… I wish that was true…!!

9. I love babies, especially twins…. I was born a twin….

10. Reading – that has never been my hobby, I read no more than magazines and cookbooks. And writing – that has never been my plus point either, that’s why u don’t see any of my stories in my blog……..

11. But talking - I can go on and on for hours without any tiring. I wish I was an RJ, I could have earned something, but instead I get huge phone bills……phew!!!!

12. I like window shopping, especially cutlery and cookware shops…. I can keep looking at them for hours and my dream job would be at one of those mega shops where I can keep staring at them all day….

13. My favourite place to visit near my home is Kottayam town…. We used to make all sorts of excuses to escape to Kottayam town…

14. I loved fighting with my brother, during my childhood days, when I lovingly called him ‘njouninga’ and he in return called me ‘ithilkanni’…… In the end, he used to cry and I was left to face the wrath from my parents….

15. I had never had enough of my family. I wouldn’t mind staying with my parents till I’m gone, of course, along with my hubby.

16. My dream home – a small, well designed home in a calm and serene surrounding, with a Naalukettu….

17. I love keep pet dogs…  I cannot keep cats but love playing with them…

18. I wish I looked like Kajol and I am contended that I am at least better than Oprah….

19. I feel George Clooney to be smart, handsome and manly, jus bcos I do not want to use the more apt word….:-))  I am a huge fan of SRK as well….

20. Cooking is a passion for me. I collect all types of recipes from magazines, cookery shows, cookbooks, recipes on the back of food packs and what not…….Recently I got introduced to the world of baking and caking……..

21. Like cooking, dancing is one of my other areas of interest which I was passionate about from my lower kindergarten days… We had a whole group which used to get on stage till my PG days…. Boy, how I miss those days…!!

22. Computers – I use them only for browsing. I was entered for a couple of computer courses but I happily flunked all of them….

23. I come from a God-fearing family and it pricks my conscience when I think about skipping a fast, so I follow all fast regularly…….

24. I have a very good memory power. I just need to see a person once and can remember his face for the life time….

25. Food – one of my weaknesses is really lovely food… My taste lies on the spicy side and love to have them even if it makes me weep…. Ironically, chocolates are my other favourites but I am not so keen on ice-creams….

I would like to tag Vrinda and Nags.

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  2. Great meme.. and you do have a pretty smile...

  3. Loved reading you Teena..was seeing the person in you..almost what i guessed..Thanks

  4. Atheee..njanum tag cheytarunnu kettoo..blah..:P
    nyways luveeeeeeddd it..I knew almost everything..still loved gng thru..many similarities are even I dream to have a nalukettu n bit of shopaholic n etc etc..:p..ithikanni s toooo good..:P..n yeah..Clooney is sooo sexyyy..:D..!!

  5. Very nice Tina!! Even I lovvveee cutlery and cookware! And yeah I agree with Varsha!Clooney is damn sexy!!! :P And by the way.. you do have a very cute smile!!!

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  7. Thats a great meme Tina, enjoyed reading. We actually have a lot in common, I could copy most of it if I had to write one:)...especially about shopping, fights with my bro, computers, cooking and of course Clooney...he is the sexiest:)...
    Forgot...u got to believe that you have a great smile n that thing about Oprah is hilarious:)

  8. wow ! great me me . .i know u r very sweet person ...THanks for visiting and commnt @my blog :)keep visiting Thanks

  9. Rachel, :-)))

    Ann, hahaha, now u hav figured me out completely...!!

    Varsha, I don't know how I missed ur tag... anyways, thanks for tagging me as well... nice to know that u loved it....

    Ria, thanks yaar.... I think it's almost unanimously agreed that George Clooney is indeed the sexiest man on earth...wowww, finally I came around to saying that...

    Poornima, from ur comments I feel that I have a carbon copy of me in u...:-))

    Mangala, danks yaar....

  10. Tina dear

    enjoyed reading your me-me. You've a beautiful smile dear, no doubt abt it :). Wish you both a happy easter!!

  11. hey i think ur B Day is somewhere arround!!!
    i think i know u r an Arien!!!
    when is it????

  12. Hi tina dear.....dint come here for sometime.Got busy..ur me-me is so nice...loved reading it...Even i guess we are exactly same in many places....will tell u were....no4, 7, 9....well i also got twin bros...they are cute....Im a night bird....never early to bed and never early from bed......pinney, 10, 11, 12.....Im too a big talkative...even yday my hubby asked me 'varthanam paranjaal naakku kuzhyaarille' ennu, piney window shopping....Love it..14, 15, 20...24....25.all this character of mine is exactly like weekness aanu, but towards sweeter side...:)....Loved reading this tina...take care