Monday, September 1, 2008

Me, Myself and I

Hi, it's me, Tina. A full time daughter, sister, wife and mother, I hail from Kanjirapally, a beautiful town in Kottayam district of the 'God's Own Country'. I'm currently put up in Pune with my sweet hubby and a lovely daughter.

I have always had a fascination to collect recipes from magazines and I still have loads of volumes filed away. I have moved on to collect cook books lately. I like watching cookery shows, which inspires me to try new recipes. The recipes that I have posted here are mostly from my family members, my dear friends and from various cook books and magazines. Being a Keralite, most of my posts are based on recipes from the state. My love for baking started only after marriage and it's credit goes to my hubby and my family members who supports and guides me in making everything better and perfect.

Mine was a late entry into the world of cooking and started only after my college days. But, I was fortunate enough to have extremely wonderful cooks in my mom, grandma, aunt and my uncle. I still clear much of my doubts from my mom. I have to specially mention that my brother too is well endowed with this talent, so much so that he can even measure the amount of salt in a dish by the smell of it. Also, we are bit of a spicy food loving lot and this will reflect in our recipes too.

My little space, kaipunyam, was born in the third month of 2008. It was my hubby who introduced me to the blogosphere and it's been part of my life ever since. I go through a lot of blogs and get inspired by great presentations, recipes and photos. We used a Sony point and shoot for our photos until we bought our Nikon D90. The photos in the blog are taken by both my hubby and me. 

Apart from cooking and blogging, I like dancing, spending time with family and friends and love chatting with my friends.

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I am a firm believer that most of the recipes have more than one method of preparation and that it may vary from region to region and based on traditions as well. So, in case some of the recipes do not match completely the way you expected it to be, I can only give the assurance that it was tried and tested personally at least once before posting it.

I love having my recipes, posts and photos all over the internet but hate it when people use it without my permission. I have seen many websites and even magazines plagiarizing my contents and photos as theirs in many occasions. Please ask me and I will give permission to use it. It just takes a few seconds to ask..!!

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  1. Hi tina , Keep going.. Me also from Kottayam, Manganam. Tried your recipes. I make the banana cake whole wheat one, once in a month and your bread inspired me and every week i bake minimum a basic bread too. But i had some problem with masala kadala.
    Your blog is a different one from the rest of others. Seeing the professional touch, i thought u stay abroad! For beginners , its little difficult to catch up with ur speed and instructions.

  2. loved you blog name....cute blog thanne...i am from kerala too...
    happy to follow you :)

  3. Hi Tina..Love the photo of u with ur new stand mixer.. I tried commenting on the beaf picckle but cannot see the comment button. pls check

  4. Hi Tina,
    Great site. Are you in Kerala. Does the icing especially fondant and gum paste recipes sweat in kerala. Please let me know a fondant and gum paste recipe which does not sweat in kerala.

  5. hello Tina

    I followed your beetroot pachidi and it was excellent and i tried this for first time,

    Thank you

  6. Hi u r beautiful..

  7. hai tinachechi..keep going..all the best.jaimy

  8. Very cute and simple, nice job Tina