Thursday, August 7, 2008

Creamy Biscuit Pudding

  • Whipped cream pdr 2 pkt (Dream whipper)
  • Cold milk 1 glass
  • Fresh cream 2 can
  • Milkmaid 1 can
  • Coffee pdr 1 tbsp
  • Biscuit 1 or 2 pkt

Mix together whipping powder and cold milk (take out the cold milk only at the time of preparation so as to keep it cold). Blend it well till it turns thick and fluffy. Mix the fresh cream and coffee powder well in another powder. Add the milkmaid into this fresh cream and mix well. Combine the above prepared two mixtures and keep it aside. In a square shaped or rectangular shaped vessel, arrange the first layer of biscuit. Pour the above prepared cream slowly over the biscuit. Repeat the process and create a max of 3 layers. Top it with a layer of cream. Cover the vessel tightly and keep it in the freezer. Transfer the vessel to the lower part of the refrigerator 1 hr before the pudding is to be served.

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  1. I had seen all ur recipes,can u believe!!I will try this way next time i prepare this dessert...its difficult to find dreamwhipper in uk...I noticed u were not in my following list yday....i dint block u...probably u did it by mistake.....I put all my bloggers in my favorite list and u r one among my fave:)
    take care.

  2. which biscuit should i use?

  3. Fantabulous dessert.. .anything about pudding, I'm on! ;)

  4. Lovely texture.I always make a chocolate based biscuit pudding.Difficult to find whipping cream here:(.

    P.S-Your profile pic is lovely!